RedPlus Green Clay

RedPlus Green Clay is the ITF-certified natural clay tennis court that guarantees the same performance as the classic RedPlus tennis courts.

  • Reduced maintenance
  • Installation is possible on any surface
  • Excellent drainage
  • Reduced humidity
  • Antifreeze and windproof
  • Constant soft surface
  • No hole formation
  • Minimum resurfacing during standard maintenance operations
  • No game-stop after the installation


As in the classic RedPlus tennis courts, the Green Clay version also requires the lines to be placed above the mantle.

Ball sign

During the game, the ball leaves a well-defined mark in the natural green clay.

How to wet the court

RedPlus Green Clay requires to be wetted like any other classic clay court, but unlike traditional tennis courts, it will be ready for the game within just five minutes.

The sliding

Thanks to the RedPlus technology, RedPlus Green Clay allows the players to slide like they would do on any other red clay tennis court.