The Montreux Tennis Club reopens with the RedPlus technology after the COVID-19 emergency

The Montreux Tennis Club reopens with the RedPlus technology after the COVID-19 emergency

Following the sudden stop caused by the recent Coronavirus pandemic, the famous Montreux Tennis Club finally reopens to the public and does so with great news: all six tennis courts of this historic club have been completely repaved using the RedPlus technology.

Founded in 1890 by the White brothers, the Montreux Tennis Club is one of the five Swiss founding clubs of what is now called SwissTennis and is unanimously recognized as one of the most renowned tennis club internationally. Not surprisingly, since 2017 it has also been hosting the Montreux Lady Open, the prestigious professional women’s tournament of the ITF circuit.

During the recent lockdown, the Montreux Tennis Club took the chance to carry out extensive refurbishment works on all its six tennis courts, while also renovating both the perimeter fence and the clubhouse with annexed restaurant.

The work carried out on the tennis courts is especially interesting: the surfaces were in fact completely refurbished with the well-know RedPlus hybrid technology. With this choice, the Montreux Tennis Club enters the squad of the most prestigious clubs in the world (such as the Academy of Patrick Mouratogiou, Serena William’s coach) that have opted for a top-notch solution, able to guarantee excellent quality of the game and superior aesthetic and functional performances.


RedPlus: superior technology for tennis courts

Choosing RedPlus for any tennis court, and in particular for clubs that are universally recognized for their prestige such as the Montreux Tennis Club, grants an undeniable series of benefits in addition to those we have already listed: exceptional durability, excellent resistance to the action of atmospheric agents, even the most extreme ones, no hole formation, unalterable surface and low maintenance.

In particular, as far as the normal annual maintenance goes, RedPlus requires only a limited number of bags of red clay per field (from 25 to 30 on average), since the synthetic support that is the heart of this technology, by its natural, limits both the lifting and the dispersion of clay – a well-known issue for traditional tennis courts.

And there’s more: the red clay used for the RedPlus fields consists of a mix of specially designed soils, poured onto a 22-millimeter thick (back included) polyethylene synthetic support whose various rolls of fiber have been jointed.

It is therefore important to remember that the RedPlus tennis courts, which are considered “hybrid”, are not synthetic courts at all: they are, in fact, actual red clay tennis courts whose soil is made of various grain sizes, specifically designed for this application.

We are happy and proud that the Montreux Tennis Club has chosen to rely on this technology, a true evolution of the very concept of tennis court.

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