RedPlus Green Clay: the tennis court in natural green clay has arrived!

RedPlus Green Clay: the tennis court in natural green clay has arrived!

Top level green clay tennis court, characterized by excellent mechanical quality and top-notch performance that are so typical of the RedPlus technology? Now it’s a reality: RedPlus Green Clay has finally arrived. The new green clay tennis court has already been installed at the Margaroli Academy, near Lugano (Switzerland).

RedPlus Green Clay is already ITF1 certified: for our brand, this is the fourth certification in just twelve years. To date, our product represents the first hybrid tennis court ever conceived.

Just like the classic RedPlus red clay tennis court, RedPlus Green Clay guarantees the same unparalleled series of benefits.

The main ones include:

  • Strong windproof qualities
  • Water drainage guaranteed
  • Excellent contrast to changes in temperature
  • Antifreeze quality
  • Minimum withholding of moisture
  • Minimal maintenance needed and minimum resurfacing
  • Absence of holes
  • Constantly unchanged tennis court specifics
  • Soft surface

All these features are obviously reflected in real and measurable savings on maintenance costs, but also on the tennis court’s setup time, which is reduced to zero. In fact, all RedPlus tennis courts, including the new Green Clay version, do not require any game-stop after installation.

Choosing RedPlus Green Clay will allow you to obtain and exceptional tennis court able to maintain its specific features over time, but also highly performing for the players.

Get in touch with RedPlus’ experts right now for advice on the new generation tennis courts.